How to join granny squares. Method 1: joining as you go with slip stitch

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how to join granny squares

In a previous post we learn how to crochet a granny square. I hope you have practiced, because today I want to show you how to join these squares.

On the web, in magazines or books you can find many ways or methods to join granny squares. Basically, these methods can be divided into two groups: those which join squares as you go; and those in which the squares are crocheted first and then joined. The advantage of the first group is that we avoid the joining procedure after we crochet the squares, especially when you are crocheting a project, which involves joining several squares (for instance, for a blanket). The advantage of the second group is that the joining gives a nice touch, especially if it is crocheted in colours that highlight the joining or the colours of the squares.

Today I will show you a method of joining the squares as you go. In the next posts I will show you the other methods. 

Here you can see the tutorial:

How to join granny squares1

cHow to join granny squares2

How to join granny squares3

How to join granny squares4

How to join granny squares5

How to join granny squares6

How to join granny squares7

cHow to join granny squares8

How to join granny squares9

How to join granny squares10

How to join granny squares11

How to join granny squares12

How to join granny squares13

How to join granny squares14

How to join granny squares15


How to join granny squares16

Here you can see the chart for the joining. The arrows indicate the points where you have to crochet a slip stitch.

How to join granny squares

I hope you like it. Don´t forget to send me the pictures of your projects using the pattern of the blog to o share them in the facebook page of Mundo Crochet!

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